July 15, 2005

More lessons in the superiority of European diplomacy

Posted in France at 9:48 am by billdawson

[editor’s note: this post was “pasted” in — it appeared originally at the old Dawson’s Danube site, which is archived here.]
(Hat tip LGF.)

Don’t forget that the Americans are far inferior to the Europeans when it comes to successful diplomacy. We all know that, don’t we?

The smooth Jacques Chirac shows us how superior they really are:

You are so lucky that you’re not British, Chirac tells his people

By the way, that headline might be a tad unfair: he is nowhere in the article quoted as saying exactly that. But he’s certainly an arsch, nonetheless.

Those of us who would like to see the EU become more free-market oriented don’t find any comfort in this bit:

He also insisted that he would “not make the least concession” to Mr Blair in his campaign to reform EU farm spending and would fight his attempts to open Europe’s service market to competition.


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