July 19, 2005

US Forces in Europe: The Dukes Slim Down

Posted in Military at 12:36 am by billdawson

[editor’s note: this post was “pasted” in — it appeared originally at the old Dawson’s Danube site, which is archived here.]
If I read this right, the Big Red One’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team (“Duke”, or, when stationed in Baqubah, the “Dukes of Diyala“) is going to be reduced to cadre strength and make way for Europe’s first Stryker Brigade.  (Note: link refers to Cadre Divisions — I’m not sure what the size of a “cadre strength” brigade is.  The article makes it clear that the 3rd BCT is eventually leaving Germany altogether: “departure of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team“.)

3rd BCT is stationed at Vilseck, Germany, so I like to consider it my home brigade.

Thank you for your service, 3rd BCT.

No doubt the Dukes have multiple heroes in their midst.  One of them we know for sure is a milblogger who received the Silver Star:  1st Lt Neil Prakash, native of India, Johns Hopkins alum, United States Army officer, American hero.  And he’s Red Six at the Armor Geddon blog.

I like Lt Prakash’s account of one of his last incidents in Iraq:

The other day, we were escorting the deputy governor to Baqubah when a guy pulled up to us and blew himself up in his car, while trying to take us out. Hilarious! He only managed to kill himself. The BEST part is that his jackass terrorist friend was videotaping it and Al-Jazeera aired it, reporting that a bomber rammed the deputy governor and 3 Americans died. Our only casualty was a slightly cracked windshield. And he didn’t ram us, he pulled off on the shoulder and detonated. Does Dan Rather work for Al-Jazeera? If anyone can tell me where to find that video clip on the internet, a lot of us in my company are curious as to whether they taped it while hiding in a certain village.

Bravo, Dukes!

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