August 19, 2006

One of the alleged would-be mass murderers caught

Posted in Germany, War on Terror at 11:41 pm by billdawson

German television ARD is reporting that one of the two suspected would-be bombers of regional German trains has been caught. According to the report, he was caught during the early morning hours today at the main rail station in the German city of Kiel.

If the guy they arrested is one of the two, then he gets around pretty good. Kiel is in the far north of Germany, whereas Koblenz and Dortmund — where the bombs were found on 31. July — are in the middle-west. If you look at this map, Kiel is up in the area numbered 24 whereas Koblenz is in 56 and Dortmund in 45.

Prosecutors say both DNA and fingerprint evidence matches with the man arrested today in Kiel. He is a 21 year-old student from Lebanon who has lived in Kiel for two years.

ARD also reports that the prosecutors are convinced that the two are not lone-wolves (they don’t use that term), but rather must be part of a larger, structured organization.

I now see there is an english report here.

UPDATE: as I look at earlier reports of the 31. July bombing attempts more closely, I notice that it wasn’t quite right for me to point out Dortmund and Koblenz as places where this man could have been.  Police believe the two bombs were placed on the trains in Cologne.  You’ll see that (with the german spelling “Köln”) in area 50 of this map — still quite far from Kiel.

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