August 19, 2006

Two would-be mass murderers on the loose in Germany

Posted in Germany, War on Terror at 12:13 am by billdawson

You can boost your bank account to the tune of 50,000 EUR if you help the German authorities capture the two young men who planted bombs on German trains on July 31st. At the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung you can see video footage of the news conference today whereat the captured explosive devices were shown to the media. The video includes security camera footage of the two would-be murderers.

For From the article at Expatica:

The discovery of the two suitcase bombs coincided with the latest conflict in the Middle East. “We believe that it is possible that the perpetrators wanted to see signals in the direction of the Middle East,” said Ziercke.

He also revealed that in one of the bags containing the bombs police found a note written in Arabic along with a telephone number in Lebanon and – similar to a shopping list – the name of a yoghurt that is manufactured in Lebanon but is also available in Germany.

Opposing the US on the Iraq doesn’t necessarily buy you much security.

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