July 14, 2005

US Forces in Europe: Georgia

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[editor’s note: this post was “pasted” in — it appeared originally at the old Dawson’s Danube site, which is archived here.]
The United States is spending $64 million to help train Georgian soldiers:

Marine Corps Forces Europe is leading the training and providing the largest U.S. contingent of trainers. No more than 70 U.S. servicemembers – from all military branches – will deploy to Georgia at any given time. The Krtsanisi National Training Center is the site of the program, which will train and equip more than 1,200 Georgian soldiers in ground combat skills and tactics, including marksmanship, first aid, urban drills and search techniques.

Cool.  I am always happy when we do good things in Eastern Europe.  Remember, Georgia, the home of the Rose Revolution, is one of our coalition partners in Iraq.

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains a website with a significant amount of english content.  If you visit there soon, you’ll notice that they have a whole section titled Georgia Welcomes USA, also available directly at http://www.georgiawelcomesusa.com/.  That site celebrates President Bush’s visit in May of this year.

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